Saturday, July 2, 2011

i miss u ! really misz u ..

so long ..
i never hear news about u since we break up ..
i want we be like b4 that ..
i want u back..
now i realise u are the bez man in dis world..
how can i find man like u again?

every minute i think about u , i gonna crazy.

will u accept me back ?
i need u.. really need u ..

i need long time to forget about u .. ='(

how can i forget u??
every time i couple with another guys..
sure i compare u with them..
the answer must u are the bez..

u are every where in my mind.

 i try to get u back .
but i think i cant ...


and i dont want u think i desperate(terdesak) tah btol ke tak aq eja in bi desperate !hahaha

first date n last days we meet ..
i want took ur pix me(together2..)
but it all juz in dream ..

what i can do just copy ur pix in fb .. ;'(

how can i explain my feeling ?
how can i story ?
what can i say ?
nothing !

start from today ..
i must change myself be better than now..

psstt : aq kene jgak redha .. hbungan d antara kita da tamat ! over ! end !
in memory <3

papai .. end ! thanx 4 read n sory klo trdapat kslahan ejaan n sumthing else ..

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