Saturday, December 29, 2012

Soalan yang kerap ditanya tentang SAYS

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Soalan-soalan ni kerap di tanya pada mimie . Mungkin ramai yang musykil macam mana duit nak masuk akaun korang . So kalau korang paham BI bagus la . Kalau tak sila pergi google translate ;) Mimie hanya copy soalan yang penting-penting sahaja . Kalau masih ada yang tak paham korang boleh tanya mimie atau terus tanya pada pihak Says dengan tekan butang TALK TO US . Mimie pun nak pergi mengadu dengan SAYS ni . =)

Unique Visit .
A unique visit via your unique URL gets rewarded the amount stated in the Specials you broadcast.
Clicks will only be counted as a reward if the person who clicked on your link has never seen the Special before.
Example if a friend clicks on the Special link of someone else before clicking on yours, the reward will only go to the first link clicked on. This is called the unique visit.
Why am I not getting rewarded for my unique visits?
Your earnings are updated every hour. If you are not getting any rewards for your visits, it is because:
  • The visits you received are not unique. (Learn more about Unique Visits)
  • The Special has completed and all rewards for that specific Special have been given out.
  • You have gained the maximum amount of reward for the specific Special you broadcasted.
Why is a Special not available to me, but available to my friends?
We strongly believe in genuine sharing, that is why broadcasters get different Specials based on their personal profile. All Specials on SAYS are specially catered according to our broadcasters based on their individual profiles. If you're unable to share a certain Special, it means that Special is not suitable for you. Here's two examples on Specials relevance :
  • Sanitary napkins will only be appropriate to female broadcasters. If you're a girl, you wouldn't really want a guy to be telling you about sanitary napkins.
  • An event in the far west of a country are only shared by residents there due to geographical distance.
Why are cash outs rejected?
There are several reasons to why your cash out is rejected:
  • Your identification number (IC) and/or bank account details are incomplete/incorrect.
  • Your IC and/or bank account details match another SAYS member's.
  • The system detects a violation of the SAYS Code Of Honour from your SAYS account, and your account has been suspended.
Why are accounts suspended?
Accounts are suspended for SAYS Code Of Honour violations or spam investigation.
Real sharers never spam
SAYS sharers shall never share links on pages and websites that they do not own. Especially the SAYS Facebook Page, Brand Facebook Pages, Forums, and Job Sites. When you share, you represent SAYS, and SAYS does NOT spam.
Real sharers don't artificially boost Unique Visits (U.V.)
SAYS sharers don't click on their own unique links or inflate clicks artificially. This means automated pop up scripts, ‘cleaning cookies', using multiple machines, mutual click rings (I click for you, you click for me groups), and anything outside of how you usually share good stuff with friends is a breach of trust.

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